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Proud to be associated with Fotospeed as an Associate speaker.

Currently I'm offering two talks to camera clubs.

The first, called "Shooting People and Other stuff" charts my journey into creative portraits, discussing how to get started, the value of collaboration with others, thoughts composition and style, the importance of shooting for yourself, all illustrated with prints on Fotospeed papers and inks prints.   In the second half, I show how I make some of the creative images, including 'before and after' shots, in an attempt to demystify and inspire listeners to have a go themselves.

The second, "the making of 'shooting people'" is positioned as a follow-on looking at the creative process in a bit more detail, including additional work not yet printed, selecting images from a shoot and determining how to process.  This also includes hands on examples of beauty retouching techniques such as dodge & burn, healing brush and frequency separation.

Both lectures are customisable.     

Peter Weaver – Hanham PS 
…a big thank you for coming along last Wednesday to show your excellent, creative and hugely imaginative images. One of our most skilled members who also does a lot of creative images said that your talk was the best one he had seen at the club for several months. Your photography demonstrates how important it is to use imagination and creativity when you take photographs and also to progress with this afterwards.

Gloucester CC – programme entry 
“Mike shares his collection of general photos and his speciality, portraiture. His first visit to GCC but comment after a visit to Stroud “Very good and very entertaining!!......they’ll love him!!” A good evening in prospect.” 

Annie Blick – Stroud CC 
I did so enjoy your talk last night, so refreshingly different. Your images were inspirational and thought provoking. It was much appreciated by members and I know gave them a lot to think about in their approach to a different style of image making.

Proud to be associated with Fotospeed as an Associate speaker

Lecture Programme

Coming up.....
21/10/2019 - Phoenix Group of Photographers (Taunton) 
01/11/2019 - Frome Wessex CC
14/11/2019 - Portishead CC
19/11/2019 - Devizes CC
12/12/2019 - Reflex CC (Bristol)
09/01/2020 - Tyndale Photography Club 
14/01/2020 - Mid Somerset Camera Club
05/02/2020 - South Petherton
06/02/2020 - Gwent CC
13/02/2020 - Backwell CC
05/03/2020 - Barnstaple CC
10/03/2020 - Bridgwater CC
19/03/2020 - Trowbridge CC
07/04/2020 - Cricklade 
14/04/2020 - Bleadon PS (Weston-Super-Mare)
18/05/2020 - Dorchester CC

10/09/2020 - Exeter CC

Previous Lectures
17/02/2016 - Keynsham PS

24/11/2016 - Stroud CC
10/04/2017 - Bridgend 

19/11/2017 - Reflex CC (Bristol)
20/11/2017 - Cymru Mono (Port Talbot)
16/01/2018 - Gloucester CC
17/01/2018 - Hanham PS

15/10/2018 - Taunton PS 
16/10/2018 - Tetbury CC
09/01/2019 - Stratton CC (Swindon) 
23/12/2019 - Keynsham
25/01/2019 - Frome Wessex CC
13/02/2019 - Bristol PS
12/02/2019 - Bridgwater 
26/02/2019 - Newent CC
21/03/2019 - Trowbridge CC
08/05/2019 - Afan Nedd
30/05/2019 - Norton & Radstock 

10/09/2019 - Bath PS