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We often don't see the little things - here are a selection of bits of my world.

Most people look at thinks - but how many "see" what is there.  This group are a variety of things that may otherwise not have warranted a second glance or may have been overlooked.  Here's a challenge for you - what you "seen" today but not "observed"?

A variation on the above.  My work takes me to London quite often.  Always carry a camera - you never know what your journey will present to you.

And, even if you do see something - do you appreciate it's potential?  Here are some pictures presented in Mono or captured in Infra Red.  Don't conform - see things differently.

And finally, sometimes we see things that weren't even there!  Remember the camera never lies - it show you what the photographer wants you to see.  So here are some things that don't exist.