Men in White Suits

Ever had the feeling that you "got something" only to find you've missed it?   Here's one "failure" transformed into an exhibition accepted image using the simple technique of inverting the colour.

Untitled photo

The above left image was taken on a fully auto compact camera, shooting JPG only.  I was attracted to the three gentlemen walking towards me across London Bridge.  I wanted to create something abstract so was content to continue walking towards them, and allowing the image to intentionally blur.

However, the fully auto failed me on this occasion, with the image being horribly over exposed.

Not being disheartened and thinking out of the box, the easiest way to eliminate the excess of black is to use Photoshop to invert it.  I finished the image using a mask to allow some of the original colour (the ties and hands) to remain, whilst the suits turned white.  

And, so "Men in White Suits" was born. 

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