Mike Martin Photography


I am a hobbyist photographer and keen club member; competitive and sometimes creative, but always hungry to learn or to help others. 

I've been interested in photography for too long to say...I don't really have the patience for landscape (doesn't stop me trying though) but love urban photos, architecture, plants, beasts and bugs, trees, infrared, night, creative, manipulated images - basically anything.

Noticeably, people are missing from the above. Until a couple of years ago my portraits were mostly candids with a rare shot on a club studio evening - then it changed, having tagged along with some inspiring people, who got me started.  I've now worked with 50+ models and attended several workshops - Always keen to work with new people and develop this more.

Probably unsurprising given the above, my most successful images in competitions and international salons have been portraits (though I do still shoot practically anything) - so hopefully this is a trend I can continue.

If you like what you see - feel free to contact me.... if you don't, I'm always open to constructive feedback.

Photography is a love, passion, joy... obsession - long may it continue.

A random selection of my photos